Narcotics Unit

Narcotics 1Wilson County Sheriff’s Office is part of the 15th Judicial Drug Task Force. This was a very successful program that covered a large geographical area of the 15th Judicial District. The Narcotics Unit was established to combat the increased trafficking of illegal narcotics in Wilson County. The Narcotics Unit’s mission is to identify, infiltrate, arrest, and prosecute drug offenders. This is accomplished by the combined effort of Narcotics 2Citizens, Law Enforcement, and the Judicial System. Citizens provide needed information to identify these offenders. Law Enforcement follows up on this information and attempts to infiltrate the drug network, and makes arrests. The final step is prosecution, and this is accomplished by the States Attorney General working with our Judicial System. Often times, drug investigations are a long process and take many man hours. If you have information on drug trafficking in Wilson County please call the Sheriff’s Department’s Narcotics Unit at 615-444-1412 or CRIMESTOPPERS at 615-444-5245.