Citizens’ Sheriff’s Academy


Mission Statement: The Citizens’ Sheriff’s Academy is designed to inform the community and provide residents and business owners a voluntary full exposure of the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office operations. Consisting of all aspects of law enforcement to include day to day operations of the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office. Participants hear lectures, presentations and receive hands-on activities to teach and inform the participants the many facets of law enforcement and introduce the Sheriff’s Office that serves them.

The purpose of the Citizens’ Sheriff’s Academy is to foster better communications between citizens and deputies through education and cooperation. A well-informed citizen is more likely to share their experience with the community as the opportunity arises. Everyone benefits from enhancing citizens understanding of the role and function of the Sheriff’s office.

Upcoming Academy Dates: March 3, 2015. Academy will be held at the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office Training Center from 6pm until 9pm. Applications for the academy can be picked up beginning February 9th through 27th at the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office or contact Elizabeth Anderson at 615-444-1412 extension 255 or by email: eanderson AT

About The Academy: This is a ten week course meeting every Tuesday at 6pm until 9pm. All applicants must pass a background check. There are no minimum physical requirements, every citizen that lives or works in Wilson County is welcome!

Alumni Association: Consists of graduates of the Citizens’ Sheriff’s Academy that have a desire to continue their support of the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office through public outreach and community service.

Any questions regarding the Alumni Association, please contact: 

Academy Director Sgt. James Lanier – jlanier AT

President Sam Shallenberger -sam AT

Vice President Donnie Marks – ddmarks AT

Secretary Bob Bright – notsobright AT

Treasurer Angela Hamby – hamby.angela AT