Multiple Drugs Located Within Minutes in Unrelated Traffic Stops; Two Taken to Jail by Directed Patrol

LEBANON (TN) – Blue Heroin was just one of many opioids discovered by the WCSO’s Directed Patrol Unit Tuesday night after separate traffic stops were conducted within a short amount of time and distance from each other that landed two in jail on multiple drug charges. Deputy Logan Hackett initiated both traffic stops, which were unrelated, while on routine patrol. Maurice D. Bailey (33), of Lebanon, was arrested in the first traffic stop as Deputy Hackett observed a clear baggie containing approximately 2 grams of Blue Heroin laying in the driver side door pocket. Also found on Bailey’s person was a clear baggie containing Hydrocodone pills, $580 in U.S. currency, and approximately 8 more grams of Blue Heroin located in a bag retrieved from Bailey’s pants.

 Shortly thereafter, a second traffic stop was made in which the female passenger was observed by Deputy Jake Smith placing a large bag down her pants while Hackett was talking with the driver of the vehicle. The passenger, identified as Janette L. Redd (30) of Lebanon, was asked to step out of the vehicle by Smith as Deputy Nycole Vaughn arrived on scene to search the female. Inside the large bag was approximately 2 ounces of crystal meth, 27 pills of Alprazolam, 4 pills of Oxycodone, 6 pills of Hyrdrocodone, 1 red pill identified as Morphine, and Marijuana. Deputies also located $1,644 in U.S. currency and $756 in coins.

 “These two arrests will have a fundamental impact on our fight against the opioid crisis,” stated Wilson County Sheriff Robert Bryan. “Both individuals had large amounts of drugs and U.S. currency on them which indicate their intentions to supply those to people who potentially will form or have already formed an addiction. These are very dangerous drugs that are taking the lives of many people and we are going to continue to hold the ones responsible accountable for their actions.”

 Bailey was charged with Possession with Intent for Resale of Schedule I (Heroin) and Possession with Intent to Resale of Schedule II (Hydrocodone). Redd was charged with Possession with Intent for Resale of Schedule VI (Marijuana), Possession with Intent for Resale of Schedule IV (Alprazolam), Simple Possession of Schedule II (Oxycodone), Simple Possession of Schedule II (Hydrocodone), Simple Possession of Schedule II (Morphine), Drug Paraphernalia and Possession of Methamphetamine with Intent to Manufacture, Deliver or Sale. Bailey has a total bond amount of $500,000 while Redd has a total bond amount of $74,000.