Barrett Firearms Donates Rifle to WCSO in TN Law Enforcement Goodwill Gesture


Sam Shallenberger, Sr. VP Finance for Barrett, presents Wilson County Sheriff Robert Bryan with a complimentary REC7 DI rifle, one of 95 presented to state sheriffs.

Barrett Firearms presented Wilson County Sheriff Robert Bryan with a brand new REC7 DI rifle Tuesday as part of a statewide goodwill gesture provided by the Murfreesboro-based Barrett Firearms manufacturer. Barrett Firearms has been on a mission to donate one of its signature rifles to each of the 95 Tennessee sheriff’s offices and departments.

Although many people associate Barrett’s world-renowned weapons with military and civilians from all walks of life, few know the back story behind the family’s 30-year-plus history of building weapons and where it began.

“When the Barrett story is told, folks usually talk about the civilian shooters and militaries around the world that have chosen Barrett long-range precision rifles for more than three decades,” Chris Barrett, Barrett Firearms President explained in his decision for the statewide contribution to sheriffs. “Less-often mentioned is my father’s background as county sheriff’s deputy, our 5.56 carbines and rifles, and the countless law enforcement agencies that choose Barrett. We want to highlight that legacy and show our strong support for law enforcement by donating these Barrett REC7 DI rifles to the sheriffs across our state.”

Sheriff Bryan highly praised the manufacturer for its generosity and dedication to law enforcement a weapon known worldwide for its quality craftsmanship popular with military, sport shooters and gun collectors. “Barrett produces some of the finest weaponry you can find anywhere in the world,” Bryan said. “To be the recipient of such a special gift to our department is truly an honor. We are so proud Barrett has chosen our sheriff’s office to be part of this generous goodwill gesture.”

Mr. Barrett explained he was equally pleased to have Tennessee law enforcement, military and customers universally carrying his family’s product.

“As lifelong Tennesseans and builders of the Barrett Model82A1/M107, the ‘Official State Rifle of the State of

Tennessee’, we are proud to build every one of these rifles in Tennessee. We believe that the sheriffs can use these rifles as they enforce the laws around this great state.”

Barrett is a family-owned and operated company and the world leader in large-caliber rifle design and manufacturing. Barrett products are used by civilian sport shooters, law enforcement agencies, United States military and more than 70 U.S. Department of State-approved countries across the world. For more information about the company, please visit its website at:


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