WCSO Deputies Arrest Man for Fleeing Accident Scene, Home Invasion, Assaulting Officers

WCSO Deputies Arrest Man for Fleeing  Accident, Home Invasion, Assaulting Officers

Wilson County Sheriff’s Office arrested an Old Hickory man on numerous charges early Sunday following a car crash and home invasion of two Wilson County residences and assault of two officers.

The incident began when Wilson County Sheriff’s Office received a call regarding a possible home invasion in the area of Tyne Boulevard and Saundersville Road. During the reported incident, numerous people called the sheriff’s office in what turned into a series of events believed to be connected to one man.

According to the reports, a man forced his way into a victim’s home at Teton Dr. in Wilson Co. Deputies with the Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene immediately.

While en route to the initial scene, someone reported another incident involving a man entering a home on Saundersville Road. The residence was located just behind the initial reported home invasion at the Tyne and Saundersville intersection.

Upon arriving on the scene, deputies determined that the suspect in the initial call and the secondary call was the same person who earlier fled the scene of a severe vehicle crash. The crash occurred at a convenience store at the intersection of Tyne Boulevard and Saundersville Road, which is in a sharp curve. This vehicle was travelling at such high rate of speed that upon impact, it forced a concrete-anchored sign down into the parking lot.

The investigation shows thus far that a Yellow H2 Hummer being operated by 36-year-old old Homero Quintanilla Navarro of Old Hickory struck the sign, causing to collapse in the parking lot of the convenience store. After the crash, witnesses stated that Navarro fled on foot from the crash scene travelling east toward a residential area. Soon afterward, it is believed that Navarro forced his way into at least two victims’ homes for a short period of time, and exited both of the homes by jumping through the glass windows in each of the residences.

Deputies responding to the scene made contact with Navarro fleeing through the window of the second victim’s home, where they pursued him a short distance. Despite numerous demands for Navarro to comply with the deputies, he refused and had to be taken into custody while resisting arrest. During the course of Navarro’s arrest, he continued to actively assault the deputies causing minor injuries to at least two of them. At least one of the deputies had to seek medical treatment for injuries.

After a search of Navarro’s vehicle was conducted, it was determined that alcohol and illegal narcotics were likely a determining factor in the crash and subsequent assault on the responding deputies. Deputies also recovered a stolen weapon and a large amount of cash.

Navarro was charged with numerous offenses, including aggravated burglary, DUI, leaving the scene of an accident, evading arrest, assault on two officers and other charges.

“This is a very serious incident,” Sheriff’s Robert Bryan said. “We continue to investigate, and will present our findings to the District Attorney’s Office. Meanwhile, we are grateful no one was seriously injured. Our officers conducted themselves in an extremely professional manner under the circumstances.”



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