WCSO Detectives Clear “Person of Interest” Who Sought Entry into Stoner Creek Elementary

WCSO Detectives Clear “Person of Interest” who Sought Entry into Stoner Creek Elementary

Wilson County Sheriff’s Office said an individual who apparently sought to go inside Stoner Creek Elementary School on last Wednesday, March 16, has been cleared of any wrong-doing. The matter is closed.

The individual shown on video surveillance trying to go into the school came into the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office today to clarify the situation regarding his presence at the school.

“The individual came to the Sheriff’s Office and was fully cooperative in establishing his identity and purpose for being on the property,” said Sheriff Robert Bryant. “The investigation into this matter is closed and the individual is not believed to be a threat.”

Detectives determined the individual who said he had gone to the school in his early school years was of no threat. He told school officials at the time he “just wanted to see how much the school had grown.”

At the time, school personnel refused the man entry and notified WCSO SRO Matt McPeak about the incident. SRO McPeak immediately performed an outside perimeter check of the school but was unable to find anyone matching that description. The Sheriff’s Department issued an advisory to the public to find the person of interest along with video footage taken from the time.

“We just wanted to know who the man was and why he was there,” Sheriff Bryan said. “Our Office and Wilson County Schools want to ensure the safety of our young people. Everyone acted with an abundance of caution because we always take any incident out of the ordinary seriously.”


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