WCSO Looking for Person of Interest Who Attempted Entry into Stoner Creek Elementary

WCSO Looking for Person of Interest Who Attempted Entry into Stoner Creek Elementary

Wilson County Sheriff’s Office is seeking a person of interest who tried to enter Stoner Creek Elementary School on Wednesday afternoon.

School personnel notified WCSO SRO Matt McPeak that a male had tried to come into the school saying he wanted to “look around.” School officials said he had no legal business at the school and denied him access. The man told school officials he had attended the school “in the 80’s,” and that had “moved to California” and was now living in Gallatin. He stated that he “wanted to see how much the place had grown,” reports noted. Stoner Creek Elementary, however, was not opened until the late 1980s. School officials said the subject appeared to be too young to have attended the school at that time.

School staff was later notified by a parent the male subject was behind the school. When school officials contacted SRO McPeak, he immediately performed an outside perimeter check of the school but was unable to find anyone fitting the description given.

Upon reviewing the school’s surveillance system, he was determined to be a white male wearing a black jacket, red shirt, black shorts and what appeared to be black boots. School personnel described the man as looking “rough,” and acting “very suspicious” when he was denied entry.

The school personnel noted the man slowly exited the building looking up in the corners of the walls and down hallways, which are visible through the glass doors.

The following day, the male subject was observed by a parent leaving the property in a four-door maroon Toyota Corolla. The parent and witnesses told school officials and Wilson County SRO they were unable to get a license plate number.

“We just want to know who the man was and why he was there,” Sheriff Robert Bryan said. “Our Office and the school system want to ensure our young people are safe. We do not know his motive for coming to the school, but we always take any incident out of the ordinary seriously. If you have information, please let us know.”

Anyone with information regarding the subject’s identity is asked to call WCSO at 615-444-1412.


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