WCSO Obtain Jail Drug Smuggling Indictments Against Eight

WCSO Obtain Jail Drug Smuggling Indictments against Eight

The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office has arrested eight people in connection with indictments issued by the Wilson County Grand Jury for smuggling drugs into the jail. Others are expected at a later date.

Those arrested for allegedly bringing contraband into the jail include: Frances Eleanor Binkley, 35, of Lebanon; Jennifer A. Young, 31, of Watertown; Kimberly I. Vance, 37, of Lebanon; Edward Lee Judkins, 52, of Smithville; Derek Walthel Neal, 36, of Lebanon; Jill P. Gardner, 48, of Lebanon; Amy N. Stewart, 28, of Lebanon; and Kimberly Dawn Dobson, 35, of Lebanon.

“These indictment and arrests are the result of a well-trained, dedicated staff of correctional officers who are being diligent in their duties,” Sheriff Robert Bryan said. “I want to thank these officers and the investigators who spend countless hours trying to detect these illegal drugs and discover which offenders are trying to smuggle contraband into jail.”

The persons indicted included inmates who were trying to bring in everything from narcotic prescription pills to street drugs such as cocaine and marijuana to other substances banned in the Wilson County Corrections Facility, according to Jail Administrator Capt. David Bennett, who noted that correctional staff undergo extensive training each year to be alert to these kinds of illegal activity.

The sheriff explained that the persons indicted and arrested are ordered by the courts to do their time for their crimes and know in advance they are coming to jail to serve time. “These convicted criminals are doing everything they can to bring in illegal contraband and we are doing everything we can to stop it within the bounds of the state and federal constitutions.”

Sheriff Bryan added, “We will not tolerate this kind of illegal activity. We will continue in our efforts to detect those who are trying to smuggle contraband into our correctional system and intend prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.”






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