Wilson County Grand Jury Indicts Woman for Homicide in Death of Baby Girl

Wilson County Grand Jury Indicts Woman for Homicide in Death of Baby Girl

A 19-year-old Watertown woman has been indicted for homicide in connection with her arrest following the death of her four-month-old baby girl last August.

The incident began when Wilson County Emergency Management Agency was called to a residence at 1874 Turner Road on August 18, 2015 regarding an infant girl not breathing. Preliminary investigation showed that the cause of death was unknown. Further investigation conducted by Sheriff’s Office detectives discovered inconsistent accounts given by individuals on the scene on the night of the incident.

After a lengthy investigation conducted by the Sheriff’s Office into the death and close collaboration with the district attorney’s office, the findings of this investigation were presented to the Wilson County Grand Jury.  Based on the findings of the grand jury, the mother of the child, Kenya Demoines Jarrett, was charged and arrested on Thursday for one count of criminally negligent homicide.

“Any time there are questions surrounding the death of a child, it is difficult for everyone involved,” said Sheriff Robert Bryan. “This arrest was made after careful and thorough investigation and consultation with the District Attorney’s Office.”

Jarret was has been released on $12,500 bond pending a court hearing before Circuit Court at 8:30 a.m. April 1.


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