Safety Tips for Biggest Online Shopping Period of the Year

Online shopping around Black Friday and Cyber Monday has become the biggest online shopping period of the year. There’s nothing like finding the best price on the 4K television you’ve always wanted, but are you buying it safely? Don’t end up like thousands of victims this time of year, having your new gadget and an empty bank account or identity stolen.

Sheriff Robert Bryan and the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office reminds you to follow the practices below so that you remain Cyber secure on Cyber Monday – and all other days of the year.

1) Verify the deals sent to you in an email. Your inbox likely gets full with amazing Cyber Monday and holiday deals. Most are legitimate and likely good deals. But, there will be spam or phishing mixed in there. Phishing emails will look like Cyber Monday deals but are really designed to get you to click on malicious links that will infect your computer with malware, or steal your personal information. Many of these links will appear to be legitimate websites, so remember to double-check the URL, and if possible, go to the website directly through your browser rather than clicking on the link from the email.

2) Make sure the website is secure. Before entering your details and credit card information, make sure you see a lock icon and the word “Secure” in the URL bar. This will ensure that the information you share with that website will be handled securely and encrypted. 

3) Create strong, memorable, and individual passwords. Shopping quickly to get the deals is convenient, especially when you use the same password on all the shopping sites. However, taking this shortcut could cost you in the long run. Never use the same password for all your Cyber Monday and holiday shopping websites. Create a unique password for each. If you’re like most shoppers and can’t remember a different password for each website, use a password manager app.

4) Use your credit card. Never shop with your debit card. Use a credit card to put a level of protection between you and the website. If you use a special credit card, you can cancel it if one of your Cyber Monday websites gets hacked. This will also make it easier to spot weird activity on the card. There are several free pre-paid credit cards and App-based credit cards to isolate your account information.

5) Watch out for fake shopping and “deal” apps. Many of us shop on our mobile devices, so be careful about downloading any new Cyber Monday deal apps. One of the worst are copycat apps that appear to be legitimate deal apps but their sole purpose is to infect your phone and steal your personal information.

6) Share as little information as possible. Websites that ask for more than your email address and credit card info may be asking for too much. Always try to provide the bare minimum personal information. While it may be convenient to set up an account with an online retailer to make future shopping easier, you don’t have to and if that’s the only way to buy from the website, look elsewhere.

7) Search safely. We all can spend hours searching Google, Bing and other websites to find the absolute best price on the most wanted gifts, but there’s also a lot of bad or sketchy links out there. Most search engines do a good job of keeping you away from the bad links, but aggregation websites are scraping the internet for products and pricing. Some bad guys know how this works and set up websites that look like legitimate shopping websites, but they may actually be designed to steal your identity. If the website lacks the security lock icon or is hosted outside the U.S., take a moment to consider the other options.

Crime Stoppers is Seeking Public’s Assistance

MT. JULIET, TN – The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying suspects responsible for theft of miscellaneous items totaling an approximate value of $500.00 from an affiliate with Big Brothers. Big Brothers, one of the nation’s largest donor- and volunteer-supported mentoring networks, creates and supports one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth.

On 11/24/2019, a deputy responded to an address around the 400 block of Quarry Road regarding a complaint of stolen goods. The complainant, who is affiliated with Big Brothers, stated that the stolen items were taking out of semi-trailers sometime between 10 a.m. and later that evening.

Anyone with information which leads to the successful identification, prosecution, and conviction of the person(s) responsible in this incident could be entitled a cash reward of up to $500.00. Please call the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office Crime Stoppers at 615-444-5245 with any information that would assist in the investigation of this incident or any crime, callers can remain anonymous.

Lebanon Man Indicted on Second-degree Murder Charges in Death Involving Fentanyl

LEBANON, TN – A Lebanon man has been indicted on two counts of second-degree murder after distributing fentanyl-laced heroin which resulted in the death of a Gladeville man back in September. Jason Dwight Dennis, 44, was indicted last week by the Wilson County grand jury and was booked into the Wilson County Jail on a $100,000 bond. Under a new state law, if a dealer sells, delivers, or administers fentanyl-laced drugs to a user that results in death, it can warrant a charge of second-degree murder.

“We are seeing more and more fentanyl-laced drugs on the street than we ever have before,” stated Sheriff Robert Bryan. “We are working closely with other agencies on the opioid epidemic and want to make one thing very clear; we will prosecute those who are found to have sold, supplied or administered illegal narcotics that results in death to the fullest extent of the law. We are responding to potential overdoses almost on a weekly basis and the epidemic is affecting many families in our community.”

In 2018, there were a total 28 total overdose deaths that occurred in Wilson County. Of those 28 deaths, 19 were a result from opioid overdose and 8 resulted in heroin overdoses. For anyone who is struggling with addiction or have family members struggling with addiction, a list of resources can be found at

Uber Driver and Heroin/Fentanyl Suspect Taken Into Custody after Lengthy Investigation

OLD HICKORY, TN – Narcotic Detectives with the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office and Lebanon Police Department, along with the assistance of the Metro Nashville Police Department, conducted a lengthy investigation on the distribution of heroin and fentanyl by 30 year old Isaiah Richard Gates. 

On Tuesday evening, agents received information that Gates would be delivering a large amount of heroin and fentanyl to an unknown subject at a local business in the Old Hickory area by utilizing an Uber for transportation. Surveillance was conducted at the location on Lebanon Road in Old Hickory. 

A black Chrysler arrived with an Uber emblem in the front window around 6pm. Gates was seen exiting the back seat.  Detectives attempted to make casual contact with Gates until he recognized law enforcement and began to run. After a short foot pursuit, law enforcement made contact with Gates in the parking lot.  Gates ripped open a large bag of powder heroin in an attempt to destroy the evidence.  When taking Gates into custody, several agents and Gates were heavily exposed to the heroin.  Gates was also in possession of a smaller bag of white powder believed to be fentanyl that remained sealed. Gates was administered Narcan due to his exposure. The Uber driver, Tariku Gezahegn Bulit, was also taken into custody.

Wilson County Emergency Management responded to the scene to assess Gates and each law enforcement officer that was exposed and to decontaminate the scene. Agents were able to collect approximately 100 grams of heroin and 8 grams of fentanyl from the scene.

“We are continuing to see the rise of heroin and fentanyl use on the streets that are feeding into the addictions of many of our citizens,” stated Sheriff Robert Bryan. “The detectives that were involved with this investigation are to be commended for their work in taking Gates and Bulit off the street. These are very dangerous drugs that are taking the lives of many people and we are going to continue to hold the ones responsible accountable for their actions.”

Both Gates and Bulit were taken into custody and transported to the Wilson County Jail.  Gates is in custody on a $100,000 bond and charged with Possession of Schedule I (Heroin) with Intent for Resale, Possession of Schedule II (Fentanyl) with Intent for Resale, Reckless Endangerment x 5, and Tampering with Evidence.  Bulit was booked on a $25,000 bond and charged with Criminal Responsibility by Facilitating a Felony.


Numerous Drugs and Weapons Found during Search Warrant of Mt. Juliet Residence; Juvenile Suspect out of Metro Apprehended

MT. JULIET, TN – On September 20, 2018, the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team and Lebanon Police Department’s SWAT team obtained a search warrant for 1712 South Mt. Juliet Road to recover possible evidence of crimes associated with vehicle burglaries in Wilson and Davidson Counties. The search warrant also listed a juvenile male who had two active juvenile petitions out of Davidson County for aggravated robberies. Both agencies executed the search warrant and located approximately 15 people inside the residence including the juvenile male that was wanted out of Davidson County.

With the assistance of Mt Juliet Police Department, all agencies searched the residence and located numerous types of narcotics including cocaine, crack cocaine, marijuana, and LSD. There were also three firearms discovered including one that was stolen from a home invasion in Rutherford County. The suspects were in possession of large sums of money that was believed to be from drug distribution.

“We were able to collectively execute a search warrant on a residence where numerous drugs and firearms were present, as well as apprehend a juvenile who was involved in violent crimes out of the Metro area,” stated Sheriff Robert Bryan. “This is just another example of how dangerous this potentially could’ve posed the public and to the officers. We are working every day with our local and surrounding agencies to combat drug distribution and to keep weapons out of the wrong hands. Many of these suspects were also associated with vehicle burglaries and we cannot stress enough the importance of securing your vehicle every time you leave it unoccupied.”

The juvenile male was arrested and taken to Davidson County. Five other suspects will be facing numerous drug and firearm charges pending a Wilson County Grand Jury investigation.

Crime Stoppers is Seeking the Public’s Assistance in the Capture of Melton Tribble

LEBANON, TN – The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is seeking the public’s assistance in the capture of Melton Gail Tribble (47); who currently has active warrants for Aggravated Burglary, Aggravated Assault, and Parole Violation.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts that leads to the successful capture of Tribble could be entitled to a cash reward of up to $500.00. Please call the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office Crime Stoppers at 615-444-5245 with any information that would assist the CID of this incident or any crime, callers can remain anonymous.

Wilson County Sheriff’s Office Promotes Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

LEBANON, TN- The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office will be partnering with the Tennessee Highway Safety Office to promote motorcycle safety during the month of May, which is nationally recognized as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Agencies participate by providing information and increasing awareness in their communities about the importance of sharing the road and looking twice for motorcyclists.


“Motorcyclists will be out in force as the weather gets warmer, which is why it is the perfect time for us to remind the community about the vulnerability of motorcycle riders,” said Sheriff Robert Bryan. “All motorists need to know how to anticipate and respond to motorcyclists to avoid crashes.”


Here are a few safe driving tips to prevent crashing with a motorcycle:


  • Though a motorcycle is a small vehicle, its operator still has all the rights of the road as any other motorist. Allow the motorcycle the full width of a lane at all times.
  • Always signal when changing lanes or merging with traffic.
  • If you see a motorcycle with a signal on, be careful. Motorcycle signals are often non-canceling. Always ensure that the motorcycle is turning before proceeding.
  • Check all mirrors and blind spots for motorcycles before changing lanes or merging with traffic, especially at intersections.
  • Always allow ample follow distance – three to four seconds – when driving behind a motorcycle. This gives riders more time to maneuver or stop in an emergency.


According to preliminary data, there were 2,988 crashes involving a motorcycle statewide last year. Of those crashes, Tennessee experienced 134 motorcycle fatalities.


MJHS Student Arrested on Drug Charges

On Friday, drug detecting canines from the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office, Lebanon Police Department and the 18th Judicial Task Force conducted a random search at each of the four high schools in Wilson County. An eighteen year old student from Mt. Juliet High School, Jacob J. Kachinko, was arrested after officers discovered approximately a quarter pound of Schedule VI (Marijuana) in the trunk of his vehicle. Mr. Kachinko was transported to the Wilson County Jail where he later posted a $2,000.00 Bond for Possession with Intent for Resale. There were also three other juveniles that were cited through Juvenile Court throughout the county on drug related charges.

“This was a joint effort, that we conduct periodically, to help keep drugs out of our school systems. Schools are designed to be a learning environment for students, not for drug use and trafficking. Canines alerted on several vehicles throughout the county and a large amount of Schedule VI was located during those searches,” stated Sheriff Robert Bryan. “We will continue to be vigilant at all of our schools in keeping them a drug-free zone. We appreciate the working relationships we have with both of our school systems and will work daily on providing all students and staff with a safe environment.”



3 pygmy/dwarf type goats accompanied by Great Pyrenees/possibly Pyr mix, FOUND Sunday 4.1.18 in LEBANON on MARTHA-LEEVILLE RD. near POWELL GROVE RD. – off 109 not far from 109/70 interchange/Mt. Juliet line. Appear to be from same property/family, follow each other everywhere. Someone has to be missing them! They are safely in the care of a Hickory Hill Farm foster. If you live in the area, please share with your neighbors. We are worried the owners may not be on Facebook. If owner is not found, they will be available for adoption in 30 days. Proof of ownership required to claim. Email or contact 615-975-7168.