Beware of text scam involving disturbing pictures and targeting residents with demands

In the past 48 hours, victims have reported a scam involving disturbing text messages and pictures threatening their lives and demanding cash. In one of the text messages sent by a scammer, the context reads “I’m an assassin, I was sent to terminate your life and I’ve been following for weeks and you seem to be a nice person that’s why I wanna make a deal with you”. The scammer continues by saying “I will arrange where we can meet, but first of all you need to make a payment of $4000 so I can terminate the contract from the person who sent me.”

Victims have reported that they are also receiving disturbing pictures taken from the internet of dead bodies and claiming “You’re next” if you don’t wire them some money.  The number texting the victims was listed as (501) 415-3676. It’s important to know that many of these scams are likely done from overseas and the number can be manipulated. We urge you to simply not respond to these messages and to block the number.